WARRIOR GODDESS TRAINING Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be

Excerpted from the new book by HeatherAshAmara

As women, we’re trained to seek our wholeness and value and find love through others. Fifty years ago, we were told a husband and children would complete us – that was about our only option. Today, what makes us worthy might be a beloved, a career, or even following a chosen spiritual path.

We rarely see ourselves as perfect just the way we are.

The new women’s revolution is an evolution, from being other-focused to inner-focused. When your attention is trapped by fearful should’s, what ifs, and don’ts, you scatter your energy and struggle. When you bring your attention back to discovering who you are on the inside – not who you wish you were, or who you think you should be – you begin a sacred path of transformation toward your innate, authentic, embodied power.

This is the path of the Warrior Goddess.

Warrior energy is a combination of focus, dedication, purpose, and determination. Consciously bringing these things together gives you power – when you harness your warrior energy you are confident, clear, and bring one hundred percent of yourself to each action.

The irony is, the first step on this path is not about gaining some insight or attaining a new state of being. Rather, it requires you to relinquish things you’ve been holding on to for a long, long time. On a path of transformation, you must be willing to give up false beliefs and self-limiting stories you tell yourself and others to explain why you are the way you are.

If you’re ready to stop clinging to your limitations, the first step is to let go of the belief that you’re a victim or martyr. If you view yourself as powerless and helpless, or believe you need to be something you’re not in order to be accepted, these stories will rule your life and define your reality.

Tap into the love of your female ancestors. Breathing in, draw in the strength and wisdom of the abundance of Warrior Goddess kick-ass females throughout the ages. Breathing out, release old ways of being to make space for your intuition, insight, and loving fierceness to emerge.

Welcome to the path of the Warrior Goddess.

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