TRUE COLORS Spirit Light painting and extensions of the soul


Quick quiz – what profession works around a client’s crown chakra while they open up their life experiences and innermost secrets, then uses touch, color, shape, and proportion to bring out their true beauty – and they leave looking and feeling wonderful?

Intuitive bodyworker? Color therapist? Medium? Spiritual counselor?


Makes sense – Native Americans knew hair is an extension of the soul, something DeNise Nitti learned during twenty years as a stylist. After a reader told her she was a female artist in a past life, she started painting.

“I had no expectations, I just knew I was going to start with a swirl on the bottom left. I wanted to show a young heart’s progression through experiences, and the strength and beauty of a woman as the heart grew stronger and wiser. The body on the right doesn’t have a specific gender – I just wanted to show the energy and intimacy when two souls come together and truly love.”

That first painting was finished in a few hours, posted on Facebook the next day, and the original sold almost immediately. Even then, she didn’t feel like an artist, until another artist reminded her she’d been one for a long time, but with a different medium.

New forms of energy came into the mix after training as a medium and a Reiki Master, and a new way to create a painting emerged– one that opens up pathways to feelings, and has the potential to address them. It’s something beyond a reading, a treatment, or a painting.

There’s one final element that ties it all together. “I paint with my heart. The minute I start to think, I hit a roadblock, and have to remind myself to stop thinking and just do what I feel, tell stories, and create illusions.”

Spirit Light Guide sessions with DeNise Nitti, by phone or Skype. Sessions start and end with a personal conversation, and include a long-distance Reiki treatment and shipping of the original, personalized Spirit Light painting, with its message. Gift certificates available.

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