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by Scott McClure

There’s a lot of buzz around Tantra. What is it? How can you use it to make your romance rock?

There are many different ways to use the Sanskrit-based word Tantra, describing the interweaving of parts and expansion of self. One interpretation would be energetic yoga, used to improve spirituality – and your love life.

Over six thousand years old, Tantra shares roots with many other disciplines – yoga, martial arts, energy healing. Not a religion, belief system, or even philosophy, it incorporates such techniques as meditation, movement, breath, sound, dance, and (you guessed it) sex.

Like yoga, martial arts, or any practice, you’re always learning. The biggest results come from consistent practice over time, ideally on a daily basis.

Tantra has been called the Path of Liberation, embracing sexuality and freedom from guilt, shame, trauma, and fear. Though it may sound woo-woo, it’s a practical system that provides consistent, measurable, repeatable results.

What can Tantra do for you?

  • Stimulate natural chemicals in your body to increase well-being, reduce stress, and improve health by heightening sensitivity and expanding consciousness.
  • Enable you to feel and play with energy, and enhance spirituality,
  • Open the heart, deepen relationships, and allow you to connect with others more powerfully and intimately.

Outside your zone.
It can also be used to have profound sexual experiences, sometimes resulting in mind-blowing results that last for hours. Wonderful books to read are Jewel in the Lotus and The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. Groups, classes, and play shops allow you to experience group energy and meet open, like-minded, adventurous souls.

Tantra promotes getting outside your comfort zone – only by stretching will you achieve your dreams. Seeking a romantic partner? Get uncomfortable, ask someone out on a date.

Have a partner? Do something new and exciting on Valentine’s – take turns blindfolding each other and using food, scents, textures, and random objects around the house with to tease and tantalize each other. (Amazing how erotic a spatula can be with a little creativity.)

Candles, baths, massages evoke all the senses. Stare into each other’s eyes long and lovingly, and verbally acknowledge all you love about this amazing person.
Once you embrace Tantra, it infuses everything you do, and can become a way of life.

Scott McClure conducts classes and weekend intensives in Tantra, and free intros and Single Social Dinners.


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