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Ever wished you could be your own psychic? Here’s some advice from Luke Danskin, psychic, and Scotland’s rising star psychic medium. “No matter if you’re religious or not, there’s no denying there’s a great power all around us that works with us in our lives. This force is also within you, and you’ll feel it when you connect to it.”

Being connected with the greater force, he explains, doesn’t mean understanding everything about yourself. “That could take a lifetime. Being connected is simply being connected, and we’ve all felt this at some time in our lives. When you get a little stuck on your way to your dreams, or just stuck in your life, the greater force is there to be used. Ask what you want, and you’ll get the answers.”

So why do some people feel they never get the answer?
“The key is not to look for answers, because you probably won’t find the ones that are meant for you. You must be aware of everything around you. When you accidentally see something, or maybe overhear someone talking, it most likely could be the answer.”

Luke got his first answers as a child, when he realized his mum couldn’t see the man who followed him around the house. It took personal loss, encouragement from a cousin, and some discipline and confidence from martial arts training to bring his skills out. He’s only been a professional for a relatively short time – and has a waiting list of over four years for private readings.

His appearances feature random, accurate, and detailed messages to audience members from family or friends who have passed into the spirit world, filled with warmth, laughter, and the style of understated humor only a Scotsman can pull off – think Craig Ferguson, doing readings.

“No one can tell you what the greater force will do for you. It depends on how you connect with it, and how you understand it. Everyone is different when it comes to this force. Many people just don’t believe in it, but many do – and if you believe in it for just a short time, you will see results.”

Luke Danskin begins his first American tour in November, featuring a special appearance November 12 at Unity Church of the Hills, 9905 Anderson Mill Rd.
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