Ceremony: Creating New Paradigms By Aligning With The Soul


by Christina Allen

Are you wanting to change things up this year? Ready to make a big shift? Well, telling yourself you want to change is often not enough. Our immediate sense of self, and the world we live in, is created by living through our experiences, and then filtering them through the mind.

We each live in a movie of our own making, created out of our beliefs and coping mechanisms. We may try deleting scenes and hiring new actors, but we’re still stuck living out themes and roles from our past. Until we can shift out of the old fear-based paradigms that are hardwired into our brains, we’ll continue to relive our past – into our future.

If we truly want to change, we must work at a level beyond the mind’s wish to do so. As Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Working below the ears.

Working at the level of the soul, while central to most indigenous cultures, has been largely lost in our culture. The limbic brain, the set of lobes above our ears, is charged with maintaining our safety. To avoid any further calamity, it continues to see the future through the eyes of the past.

Shamans still know that to create wellness and the ability to manifest our dreams, we must shift out of this literal emotional reality and into the soul’s level of consciousness. They do this through ceremony.

Because our limbic brain is charged with creating safety, it’s challenged by making large leaps out of its norm. By activating transcendental parts of the brain, however – the Associative Cortex, or God Brain – we can shift our consciousness and unlock our souls. We can then enter into a state of mind where these large leaps are possible.

While shamans are necessary to do deep personal work, especially those things in shadow that we cannot see, anyone can use ceremony to access their soul and change the general course of their lives.

Just as yoga is a practice that the Hindu religion borrowed from the ancient Vedics to connect more deeply with the Divine, ceremony is a tool for activating the Associative Cortex and connecting through the soul. It does not belong to any religion or cult – each of us is capable of doing personal ceremonies to align with the Divine Will. Ceremony takes us out of our literal time-driven minds and into a non-ordinary reality, where we can reset the brain.

It does not have to be elaborate – it has to be genuine.

         The elements of ceremony are twofold:

  • Create Sacred Space by calling in the Divine as you know it. Call in the Five Elements

of Creation, Archangels and Master Teachers.

  • Use processes by which you change your state of consciousness from your literal, emotional mind to your God Brain. Using breath work, singing, dancing, rattling, drumming, scents, mantra, helps you step out of the grasp of time more easily and release the mind’s attachment to its story.

We can sit down at any moment, for example, call in Spirit, meditate, do some breathing exercises, and then pull the petals off a rose and blow into them our grudges. When we release them to the flowing waters of a stream from this place of the soul we can truly let them go. Alternatively, you can open Sacred Space, meditate on something you want to change, and blow it into a stick you burn as you rattle, drum or sing a song.

If you do these things with your mind only, your story will return – but when you use your whole heartfelt intention and step out of time, you can create new movies that align with your soul’s deepest purpose.

Christina Allen, Healer, Teacher and Founder and Director of the Austin Shamanic Center combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Healer based on Qero Indian traditions of Peru). Available by private appointment at (512) 391-9829. Learn more about sessions and upcoming classes at www.AustinShamanicCenter.com


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