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An exclusive excerpt from Mind Over Music, the new book by Jaime Vendera and Dr. Joe Vitale

by Dr. Joe Vitale


One day I checked Facebook, and there was a curious message from Jaime Vendera. I knew Jaime from his books on singing, which helped me with my own vocal technique. I had gone from zero to a musician in the span of a few years, and Jaime was one of my never-met coaches along the way. 

I had bought and read his books. I knew he was a badass vocal coach. 

His ideas had helped me and still do. So I looked at his message. He wrote:

“Listen up, Vitale, the Universe smacked me again to put this in your brain… and I am pretty sure I told you this a few years back. You really need to write a ‘Law of Attraction, ramp up your music-making mojo’ type book. It’s not a book about the art of songwriting, but more a book lining out the steps to get musicians off their butts, finishing their songs, and recording and releasing them. 

“You are the perfect person to write this, considering what you’ve accomplished! If you don’t write this, that voice in my head will never leave me alone. It will pester me to pester you until you hear it too. There, I told you, just as I was instructed to do. So now please write the book so it will make the voices stop – hahaha.”

I admired his playful audacity. 

I’ve written over seventy books, and Jaime knew it. He also knew my expertise in self-help methods, applied to would-be musicians, would be a hit. 

He also knew my appearance in the movie The Secret, and my books on the Law of Attraction made me qualified to teach musicians. 

But I also felt this idea was his, not mine. I suspected he was just tossing a monkey at me and hoping I’d adopt it. I already had enough monkeys. So I wrote back to him, saying:

“Hmm… Maybe it’s in your head and not mine – so you write it, and I add to it to be coauthor…”

Seemed like a fair counteroffer to me. Jaime could blow me off, but at least I didn’t dismiss him.I was acknowledging his idea, but turning it back in his direction. 

I was sending the monkey home. 

To my surprise, he accepted my challenge. He wrote back, saying:

“Hahaha, well that will work then. I just had this image of you explaining how you knocked out so many songs so quickly. I’m knocking out four new products right now, but I’ll start writing soon.”

He did, too. Not only did he start writing, but he caught on fire and wrote the entire book by himself. A week later he wrote to me saying:

“Just letting you know I never back down from a challenge. I am writing three new books, filming two new videos, two new audio programs, and writing and recording as we speak, and it is all part of the focus of this book. I feel it should be called Mind Over Music and show the musician that writer’s block is only a state of mind, as well as teach them how to get it out of their heads and recorded in record time. So, I had a quick question for you – do you have a musical bio I can copy and paste? I want to mention the day you decided to become a musician and record, and all the albums you’ve released since then. I am blown away by your energy and what you’ve done. It is soooo refreshing.”

He was referring to my becoming a musician with fifteen albums recorded in about five years. That seemed impossible to most people. 

But I teach Anything Is Possible (and wrote a book titled with that very statement). 

I sent him the material he wanted, and he inserted it into his book. 

Then I read the book. 

Now it was my turn to be blown away. 

He wrote the book with a passion I rarely see in other authors. And he gave steps and secrets and insights along the way. He included me and my story of becoming a musician, beginning with zero experience and going on to record albums, study with Melissa Etheridge, and even overcome terror to sing on stage with my band.

In short, he had created the very book he wanted me to write. And he did it without me. But being the kind and generous soul that he is, he wanted my name as coauthor because he said I inspired the entire project. 

He wanted me to have credit. That’s the kind of loving soul he is. So I accepted.

The good news for readers is they get to benefit from the combined experience of two authors, teachers, coaches, and musicians – us. 

I’m living proof you can dissolve blocks and get in the studio and on stage, no matter who you are, where you are, what your level of experience, your age, or much else. 

And Jaime is living proof that when you adopt his methods, you will shine in the studio, and on stage.

All in all, it’s an illuminating guide to getting past the excuses and blocks, and into the studio and onto the stage. Bright lights and applause await, as well as the deep satisfaction of sharing your music with the world.

And then – curtain up…

Mind Over Music is available at Amazon.com in Kindle or print. 

Dr. Joe Vitale, a star in The Secret, is a bestselling author, musician, speaker, and coach. His latest book is Anything is Possible. You can have his free e-book, Attract Money Now, at www.AttractMoneyNow.com 

His main website is www.MrFire.com


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