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UN CARINO DE ESPANTO (The Cuddling Ghost)

by Beth Carpenter

I have a book titled Stories that Must not Die, by Juan Sauvageau. Each story is written in English and Spanish. The Cuddling Ghost is about a disincarnate entity that lived in a home in Santa Elena, Mexico.

The realtor was unable to sell the home, because everyone in the neighborhood knew it was haunted. Out of desperation, the price was radically reduced.

This worked out well for Maria Mendoza’s parents. They wanted to buy a house, but didn’t have much money. Maria was just five when they moved in, and her mother was due to have her second child within a few months.

They all could hear the baby laughing – and, at other times, crying. Maria saw this beautiful little spirit stuck within the astral plane, and she loved cuddling him.

A new life.

The house had been owned at one time by a midwife. One evening, a young woman and her lover arrived because she needed help delivering the child. After the baby was birthed, the father took the infant and buried it alive behind the house.

The day Maria’s madre went into labor was the last day Maria saw her little friend. Senora Mendoza birthed a beautiful baby boy. Maria expressed her joy and gratitude for having a little brother – the very same one she had cradled in her arms.

People don’t always cross to the other side, or heaven, when they die. Because of circumstances and beliefs at the time of death, they can linger for days, weeks, or even years.

Within a few days after the time of someone’s death, I say a prayer asking that an angel take them by the hand and guide them through the astral plane. I add to my prayer that they are taken to octaves of light for healing. This allows for the crossing to be easier – and there will be fewer spirit hauntings.

Fortunately for this little spirit, he was gifted with a loving family that wanted him – and he gained a big sister to look after him, too.

Beth Carpenter is an Austin naturopathic practitioner and medical intuitive with over twenty years experience in the natural healing arts, including clearing ghosts from people, homes, properties, vehicles, and office buildings. Her work is angelically guided.
(512) 707-9886,www.HealthyHelp4U.com


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