STRINGS AND HEARTSTRINGS by Michael Morris, Ph.D August 2015.

A popular question asked when people discover you have a Ph.D. in Physics is, “What about string theory?”

In nine years of college, “string theory” was never part of my studies. String vibration, however – harp, guitar, piano, the violin family, and others – is essential to music, and its fundamentals are an integral part of basic physics courses.

 How do these vibrations become the music you hear and appreciate? For those fortunate enough to be blessed with hearing, your miraculous ears take in sound waves and send translated electrical impulses to the brain, which then sends signals to the heart and the entire body through electrical and chemical processes. Music can then “tug at your heartstrings,” helping you experience love, joy, freedom, even bliss and relaxation.

The effects of each instrument are amazingly varied. My primary instrument, the harp, is often associated with angels and the angelic realms. My Japanese flute has a soulful, deep quasi-Native American sound that allows notes to be gently bent and re-directed, recalling images of red rock canyons and incredible openness.

The effects of music are far more complicated and wonderful, though. I wish I could accurately paint the emotional joy of residents at retirement homes hearing a song they loved as a child, or the bliss of being in a meditation in which live music embodying love and deep peace is being channeled brilliantly, or the appreciation my stepfather expresses when hearing me play the instrument that he loves so dearly – the bagpipes, a less than meditative instrument.

How does music help allow wellbeing? Your beliefs and expectations affect your experiences, and blissful music can change your expectations, as well as your mood. While you’re experiencing and resonating within deep relaxation, you’re allowing yourself to expect that all is well – and from that “all is well”-ness, wellness comes.

Add in powerful loving words to lovely, live, freshly brought into this universe music, and you can participate in a truly blissful guided meditation.

Reinforce your expectation that all is well – your beliefs really do intricately affect your wonderful human experience.

Michael Morris, Ph.D Physics, M.S.E. E.E., is a professional harpist and Native flute player available for live music during meditations, and a Radiance/Reiki practitioner along with his wife and beloved, Belinda. Peaceful harp and flute music and meditations are available on CD and mp3 downloads. (512) 589-4075,


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