Native American spa rituals

The Pueblo people of the Southwest say humankind emerged from inside the Earth, and still communicate with ancestors and spirits in underground kivas in traditional ceremonies of cleansing, renewal, and connection.

If you’re psyching up for the traditional holiday journey to visit your own immediate ancestors, where communicating with spirits means another round of eggnog, digging a hole and climbing in until 2015 might not seem like a bad idea.

It’s a lot less trouble, though, and far more relaxing, to visit an urban kiva – so Dr. Alina Sholar created one. “For centuries,” she explains, “people created sacred spaces for ceremony and spiritual retreat, where they could take refuge from the outside world and focus on wholeness, healing, and peace.”

Sage & Sweetgrass Wellness Spa perches in the sky on Steiner Ranch instead of underground, and blends state of the art wellness tools, medical grade custom botanical and holistic skincare products, and holistic therapies – spa rituals, intuitive quests, acupuncture, Thai massage, yoga, and Native American, Ayurvedic, and Eastern traditions.

White sage, braided sweetgrass.

Powerful Native American plant medicine protects, purifies, and carries blessings in spa rituals, along with the healing power of massage and the beauty and natural energy of indigenous plants, water, stones, and crystals.

·      Sage & Sweetgrass ritual. Desert clay wrap, sage essential oil rehydration, sage and sweetgrass smudging.

·      Turquoise Blue Sage Body ritual. Full-body massage using the sacred energy of one of the Earth’s most beautiful gemstones. Hopi blue cornmeal body buff, mineral-rich turquoise desert salt polish, turquoise desert clay cocoon wrap, cleansing rain stick ritual and energy ritual with sage and sacred turquoise gemstones to strengthen and balance body and spirit.

·      Desert Rain ritual.  Based on Lakota tradition. Rain stick and sage rituals, seven essential oils dropped lightly on the back and brushed in with a feather, body and scalp massage.

Other therapies soon to emerge from the urban kiva will be the Blessing of the Four Directions (based on the Medicine Wheel and a journey through elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air) the K’aalógii Butterfly Ritual, Seven Chakra Ascension Therapy, and an herbal inhalation sauna.

Dr. Alina Sholar is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, holds an MD from the UT Medical Branch in Galveston, and is an accomplished artist and medical illustrator. Information, appointments, and gift certificates: (512) 436-8018,


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