REMOTE VIEWING Samhain, Stargates, and Celebrating the Unseen

by Ronan

Samhain (Celtic Harvest) and Halloween conjure images of celebrating under disguise, giving people of all ages a unique opportunity to indulge in mischief and merriment. Divination was also practiced by the Celts, particularly during harvest season, to commune with Spirits and predict the future.

Millennia later, your tax dollars helped fund a similar prognostication tool.

Psychic spies.

Project Stargate, U.S. Military code for a twenty-plus year Remote Viewing program, was the government’s attempt to augment military intelligence through psychic functioning. Developed in 1971 via psychic Ingo Swann’s experiments at Stanford Research Institute, early-trained military service members could travel anywhere, sketch hidden foreign weapons facilities, pinpoint downed aircraft, and locate missing hostages – all without leaving their desks. More amazingly, this skill could be taught to almost anyone.

As more intelligence agencies found out about this team of elite psychic spies and approached them for work, the military expanded the unit to include multiple forms of clairvoyance. The additional disciplines weren’t as accurate as RV and fractured the original Remote Viewing unit, leading to its disbanding.

Humankind has a thirst for peering into the future, seeking the Unknown, learning from mystics and seers who can tap into Unconscious Knowledge. The desire to know what lies around the corner is why we turn to astrologers, psychics, and intuitive specialists.

The Remote Viewing method, based on trainable scientific protocols that passed the tests of physicists (and the Military-Industrial Complex), is now available to anyone willing to invest time in developing this cognitive discipline. Learning to perform this skill effectively and efficiently takes time, effort, and practice.

The highest truth.

What if you possessed tools to resolve conflict easily, predict the daily ebb and flow of stock markets, determine your ideal career path, understand your life’s purpose, help diagnose a sick friend, find your perfect mate, locate missing people, pets, or objects – or simply uncover the origins of mankind? You could identify your ideal investments, gain your own first-hand perspective of historical anomalies, visit creation’s Big-Bang event, or peer deep within the Earth’s core.
The Highest Truth is there are no secrets. Anything and everything, everywhere, can be known – by you.

Ronan is a trained Remote Viewer, practicing the art for over ten years. Nov. and Dec. Basic Workshops now open. Mention Austin All Natural for $100 off. (512) 537-8111,



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