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Reconnection, Reconnective Healing – and the difference

Reconnective Healing (RH) is a technique developed by Dr. Eric Pearl, designed to connect a spectrum of several elements to help restore a state of balance and harmony.

  • Energy: The first element, everything you’re made of – your essence, and your actual physical body.
  • Light: The resonance and communication within all frequencies, and between you and the universe.
  • Information: What comes through as a result of the interaction and entrainment of energy and light.

The Reconnection process is an accelerated exchange of those frequencies of energy, light, and information, a focused way of connecting three systems – the lay lines of the planet, meridian lines in the human body, and the universal energy grid. The aim is to facilitate realignment of the axiatonal grid, a meridian-like structure of internal energy, and is intended to be evolutionary in nature – a way to declare being open to being solidly grounded and connected to who you are, to the Earth, and to your idea of God, the Universe, or the Source.

(At least one Reconnective Healing session is recommended before doing a Reconnection.)

Reconnective Healing sessions are done above and around the body, in person or from a distance. They’re neither a therapy nor a treatment, and they don’t focus on symptoms, diagnosis, or predictable results. As long-time Austin practitioner Maria Benning explains, “All manner of results have been documented, but three people with the same areas of concern may experience three very different outcomes. If a physical affliction isn’t immediately restored to balance but the emotional state that contributed to it in the first place is, that’s still a healing.”

In both Reconnection and Reconnective Healing sessions, studies have shown that when these frequencies entrain with the energy body, there’s an emission of measurably higher levels of bio-photonic light.

As Eric Pearl says, “If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing willcome in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe has specifically in mind for you.”

Explore the New Frequencies of Healing, a presentation of Reconnective Healing® by Dr. Eric Pearl, is at Unity Church of the Hills, 9905 Anderson Mill Rd., Thursday, July 10, 7-9:30pm. $15 advance (by July 8), $20 at the door. Information and registration: (512) 335-4449,



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