by Christina Allen, Aug. 2015

There is a tradition in some indigenous cultures where a Talking Stick is passed around in a circle. As each person has the stick they are invited to speak, uninterrupted, for a brief period of time.

So often when we speak we’re met with unsolicited, fix-it help or someone jumping in to tell their own story, because they need to be heard as well. The Talking Stick practice teaches others in the group how to listen, fully and respectfully – and for the person holding the stick, it’s an opportunity to feel truly heard.

Talking Stick traditions have implicit within them the quiet, listening nature of a tree.

Yes, trees listen, too. Trees listen, communicate and react. Many people discount plant consciousness because plants don’t have central nervous systems, as animals do.

Trees, however, have energy fields, with chakras, just like every other living thing. They pull in information about the world around them through these chakras and convert the information into electrical signals, just like we do. Research shows they communicate with each other as well, through the mutual release of pheromones.

There’s a saying: “To believe consciousness is in located in your brain is like believing there’s a little man inside your radio.” The point is that there are different types of consciousness. The body does have consciousness, but it’s all about survival. This consciousness, run by our brains, keeps our bodies alive and running, and our egos motivated to thrive.

The consciousness of our higher self, however, comes from someplace beyond the brain, and the brain registers this awareness – but it doesn’t generate it. Anyone who’s had a near death experience knows that while their brains were in a period of inactivity, they were still fully conscious.

Trees remember. There’s a second level of consciousness that transcends our central nervous system, continuing on long after the body dies. This is the “programmable” consciousness of our lightbodies. All living things have them, and a tree is no exception.

When you tap into a tree’s chakra system, you tap into the memories or imprints it has stored or programmed – into its light-field consciousness. Because a tree usually has a much longer lifespan than a human, it may have stored memories from long before you were ever born. It may remember a valley before the river was dammed. It may remember the original people of the land.

They can also remember you. Using simple lie detector technology, studies show that they react to a person who damages them, or even to someone who damages their neighbor trees. If that person comes near them again, the lie detector signal becomes frenetic, indicating an increased level of awareness.

Trees are our silent wisdom keepers here in Middle Earth. They listen and record our history as it unfolds. You’ll find that they, too, often gather in sacred circles. You can find them creating “tree rings,” as they root in around Earth vortices.

Have you ever stood in one?  Tree rings are very magical. They create portals between the visible and invisible worlds, giving you access to the energy of creation as it stirs and balances there. Next time you see a group of trees in a circle, step into the center of it and see how you feel!

A great way to honor the wisdom of the trees is by making your own Talking Stick. Find a particularly interesting stick and adorn it with the strings, feathers, and crystals that call its magic back in.

Sit in a sacred circle, as the trees do, and pass it among your friends. Let only the stick holder speak. Listen. Watch how you can create a sacred portal between the worlds while your communication deepens – and your soul connections strengthen.

Christina Allen’s work as an Intuitive, Healer, Teacher, and Founder and Director of the Austin Shamanic Center combines a strong science background (BA Physics, MS Neuroscience) with decades of applied ancient spiritual wisdom (Master Yogi, Reiki Master, and profound Shamanic Healing based on Q’ero Indian traditions of Peru). Available by private appointment. Learn more about sessions and upcoming classes at (512) 391 9829, or


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