HEALING WITH FREQUENCY The pathogens ain’t over till the fat lady sings

by Meridian Grace, ND

Ferreting out underlying causes and contributing factors of a diagnosis or lab result can be a true challenge, even for seasoned professionals like Dr. Massey and myself, who use metabolic typing, advanced microscopy, and em wave2. Another tool that has the potential to find answers and effective treatments is called an ASYRA, based on the brilliant work of Dr. Fritz Pop, who dedicated his life to frequency work.

By simply holding a metal cylinder in each hand, connected to an enormous data base of frequencies for tissues, pathogens, organs, cells, emotional states, supplements, nutrients, and more, you can test for the frequency of thousands of body parts, neurotransmitters, nutrients, pathogens, and emotional states in just a few minutes.

How does this work? Begin with a simple example, something you may have seen. A female opera singer can sing a note that measures 5,000 hz, which happens to be the frequency of a crystal goblet. If she holds this note steady for long enough, the goblet resonates to the matching frequency of her voice, and the molecules begin to move faster and faster – until they explode.

What’s that got to do with your health?

If you have a pathogen (say, a parasite) and you can match its frequency, it will literally fall apart before your eyes on video – and Dr. Pop spent his life, as have countless others, creating technology to measure frequencies of just about everything.

Everyone and everything has a unique frequency blueprint. Hundreds of thousands of tests have been done to identify healthy frequencies of different organs and cells, so you can see if you match these healthy frequencies – and, if not, how far off you are. To a trained practitioner, the numbers clearly indicate inflammatory imbalances, tissue deterioration, and how far from healthy these tissues are.

Data base computer science makes it possible to do this in a matter of moments – and more:

Bring your supplements to a visit, testing them for how well they match your unique frequency, saving you time and lots of money. In seconds, you receive a precise number showing how beneficial or detrimental a specific supplement or food is.

Food sensitivity testing looks at hundreds of foods and spices, getting numerical values for how much of a problem food that doesn’t work well for you can be.

Tests can look at every known parasite, protozoa, virus, and other pathogens and see which, if any, are a problem.

Values can be shown for every part of the medical arena – mental states, meridians, flower essences, and crystal, color, and sound healing options.

A symptom placed in the database brings up hundreds of options for how to deal with it, giving frequency matches for a treatment designed specifically for you.

One of the interesting parts of the ASYRA is its treatment potential to download all beneficial frequencies found for you into a homeopathic remedy you can take at home, and to download all frequencies found for you into a laser and wash your body in its light. It even tells you when your body’s resonance registers an adequate amount of the laser photon frequencies to make a positive difference.

Austin naturopath Meridian Grace and her partner, Dr. Richard Massey, a highly trained alternative MD, utilize ASYRA technology in their practice. Free 15-minute consultations and Saturday talks.
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