FENG SHUI: Can it improve your relationship?


by Lacey Del Valle

 Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries, dating back roughly to 3000 BC. It utilizes our Earth’s natural energy and elements to create a space of peace and harmony. In Chinese, the words feng shui mean wind water, and in Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health and good fortune, representing flow and balance over time.

There are nine separate meridians (or compass points) of focus in the Compass School of feng shui. Each one correlates to a particular life aspiration, but in the month of February, one meridian takes the limelight – Love and Partnership.

 Who wouldn’t want a secret tool that could increase the love in your life?

Maybe you’re looking for a new relationship, hoping to rekindle the fire of a drab marriage, or would just like to enhance the love life you currently have. Feng shui can help boost the energy being applied to that particular aspiration in your life.

February (and its illustrious holiday, Valentine’s Day) can be a cause of excitement or stress, depending upon which side of the fence you’re sitting. The Southwest meridian of your home correlates to the Love and Partnership life aspiration.

Here are a few simple, helpful tips to bring more energy to this area of your life.

  • Using a compass on the Magnetic N (North) setting, determine the SW corner of your home.
  • Enhance the corner with Earth or Fire elements, such as rose quartz, salt lamps, stone, rock, tile, ceramic statues or décor.
  • Consider adding artwork or décor items that come in pairs.
  • Avoid items that come in threes.
  • Consider removing décor items that are made mostly of wood or metal, if possible.

Feng Shui is like acupuncture for your home, so accuracy in determining the correct location of a meridian is key. A certified feng shui consultant can help with this, using a special compass – but getting close and setting your intention is a great way to start.

Lacey Del Valle is the owner of Austin 360 Feng Shui. Her passion for energy work and natural healing led her to pursue a career in the ancient art of feng shui. Contact her at (512) 705-2779 or lacey@austin360fengshui.com to schedule a professional consultation for your home or business, or visit www.Austin360FengShui.com


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