INTUITION What do a past life and a kidney have in common? by Kate Barnidge, August 2015

Anne Rice’s Witching Hour was my favorite book at age sixteen. The main character came from a long lineage of seers, and used that skill in her profession as a surgeon. She was able to see into her patients’ bodies and augment her medical knowledge to save lives

Craniosacral Therapy – or rather, its hybrid, Core Synchronism – was my own introduction to developing similar skills. This system of hands-on medicine follows a physiological respiration within the body. When following the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, my awareness is inside all the nooks and crannies of the brain, skull, organs, tissues, even the channels of the etheric body in the chakras.

It’s at this point you ask, as a practitioner… How do you know what’s happening here? How is it effective?

Experience and observation has shown that the application of intuition into a structure gives it a place to specialize. For me, the study of medical and etheric anatomy, elemental relationships within the body, emotional remedies, natural cures – as well as tools for viewing what is happening for a person on a spirit level – are that structure.

What fills in the gaps is something inherent to all humans. The ability to know, intuit, heal, grow, and change are birthrights, things all of creation conspires to bring about.

The ancients teach that this dimension is created by two opposites spinning around a neutral, still point, along with a deep relaxation that allows everything to find its origin when given enough pause.

Identifying the block, pain, or cause of concern is equally represented in the physical, etheric, astral, and mental bodies. Everyone has all of it overlapping all the time – and what’s remarkable is that they function as a whole.

A past life and a kidney do have things in common – they both share the ease as well as the disease. In this way, a lot of choice is available in how you want to heal. Knowing what’s best for you is potent medicine, and can augment any other therapy you need.

Rev. Kate Barnidge of Core Therapeutics LLC in Austin is a natural therapeutics specialist, licensed massage therapist, core synchronism practitioner, and clairvoyant healer. Available for appointments locally and for phone, email, and Skype consultations to and from anywhere in the world., (512) 800 4063.


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