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Choose Your Brain: Fight, Flight or Height. Higher Brain Living

Fight, Flight or Height | Choose Your Brain: Higher Brain Living

The evolution of humanity’s consciousness is a wondrous thing to behold. From primitive lower brain instincts, the human brain has now risen to a level capable of creating a fascinating and complex world of technology, art, and lofty spiritual concepts that – hey, watch it, you @#%*&! jerk! Stay in your own lane!

Umm, where were we? Oh, right, lofty spiritual concepts that elevate man kind to its rightful place as the crown of creation.

Until, of course, somebody cuts you off in traffic. Gotta defend your turf, right?


Of course you do – unless they’re way bigger than you are.

That’s the message of your lower brain – fight or flight, stand your ground or run. It was a good message in a world full of predators hunting and being hunted, and it’s still the default mechanism when something threatens you, even if it isn’t justified.

The higher brain, the prefrontal cortex, is where you go when you meditate, do yoga, or try the next holistic or spiritual practice or practitioner. Problem is, those modalities tend to plateau, and as a species, we’re still in a stage of evolution where the lower brain’s instincts will kick in whenever they see an opening.

The lower brain thrives on uncertainty, fear, anxiety – it gets to pull out all its survival tricks to keep you safe, and can send you rocketing tens of thousands of years into the past, where ancestral memories lurk.

Combine those with your own storehouse of childhood, career, and relationship traumas, and dealing with the teeniest bit of stress can activate mechanisms designed to keep you alive in a life-threatening environment – say, one where you just sank your spear into something really big, and it decided it didn’t like it.


The biggest threat of all to the lower brain? 

It’s change, and it uses all its wiles to fight it, or run from it.  Anything you do to get up into higher brain territory has to be sustainable – if that’s where you want to stay.

Higher Brain Living is a gentle-touch process designed to activate specific points in the body, creating a surge of energy from the primal, fear-based lower brain into the prefrontal cortex – the seat of the higher brain, where life changes are possible.

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