BRAIN FILTERS A Dialogue with Doubt, in two parts




by Dr. Joe Vitale

“I’m not a fan of your books.”

I’m not a fan of your saying that.

“But your books don’t jell with my experience.”

Of course they don’t. Your experience is based on your beliefs, and your beliefs don’t match my beliefs, so you naturally can’t be a fan of what you don’t believe.


Look. Your life has been one of struggle. So when you look around, you don’t see positive things. But you’re looking around through a brain filter of limiting beliefs, and those beliefs are giving you the life experience.

“See? You don’t make any sense!”

Well, if you believed in positive thinking and positive doing, and began to see the positive in what’s around you, you’d attract positive experiences – and then you’d agree with my positive teachings.

“But that’s not my experience!”

Exactly. Your current beliefs are attracting your current experiences. You’ll get the same thing in the future as you have in the past, until you change your beliefs.

“You’re not in touch with reality.”

I’m not in touch with yourreality. But I was once. I used to think in terms of struggle, lack, limitation and victimhood. But I spent a lot of time, money and energy to retrain my brain, so today I see and experience miracles.

“But even if that were true, how do I change my beliefs?”

The first step is being open to a new view of reality.

“I’m not sure I can do that.”

That’s a belief, you know.

“It is?”

“Then how do I become aware of my beliefs, since I don’t seem to know what they are.”

By looking at what you have and asking, “What must I believe, to attract that into my life?”

“Will your books help me with that?”

You mean you haven’t actually read them?

“I flipped through them.”

Yes, start with my books.


That dialogue reminded me of what another person told me once…

“Affirmations don’t work for me.”

That’s an affirmation, you know.


Affirmations are anything you affirm as true, I explained. You can affirm something positive or something negative.

“Say what?”

You said, “Affirmations don’t work for me” – which is an affirmation that affirmations don’t work for you.

“I don’t follow.”

You get what you believe and expect, I explained. If you believe affirmations won’t work for you, then you will get the experience of affirmations not working for you.

“But they really don’t work for me!”

I know. That’s because you are affirming that they don’t work.

“You’re confusing me!”

Look, the meaning you give an event is the belief that attracted it. If you feel affirmations don’t work, then you are attracting experiences to prove that affirmations don’t work. If you switched it, you could attract proof that affirmations do work.

“But how would I do that, when my mind says they don’t work?”

That’s simply what you currently believe, I went on. It’s your current habit of thinking. But you can begin a new habit by beginning a new thought process today.

“It’s that easy?”

It’s simple but maybe not easy, I said. But you can begin right now.

“Affirmations do work?”

That’s a start.


Joe Vitale is a star of the hit movie The Secret and author of The Attractor Factor and dozens of other best-selling books, including At Zero, the sequel to Zero Limits.  Hear his new music CD, Reflection, at


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