Ah, yes – another factory-fresh, just out of the box, shiny new year. 2015 has a lot of promise if you’re of the numerological persuasion, since it adds up to 8 – infinity, standing up (arising, if you will), and the number of prosperity and abundance and such.

Infinite abundance sounds like a pretty good deal. Since the Year of the Goat (Ram, Sheep, whatever) kicks off in February, and since the Goat is the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac – well, there you go.

To show your appreciation for this wonderful news, Brothers and Sisters, please place your donations in the collection plates the lovely usherettes are passing around, and heaven’s wealth and abundance will rain down on us, one and all. Hallelujah! Bang that tambourine, get out that folding money, and…


            Sorry. Channeling again.

January’s a good time to start over with a clean slate, but it’s always a good idea to clean up old energy first, get the cobwebs out, maybe finish up some projects languishing in the doldrums of procrastination. Seemed like a good time to debut the long awaited, often requested, but as yet unseen comprehensive list of the fine folks who’ve placed their ads and articles herein, complete with phone numbers and web addresses.

Off to the newly redesigned with it (itself a work in progress), where it can serve as the foundation of a veritable Alice’s Restaurant, a place where you can get anything you want in the way of – pay attention, search engines – holistic, spiritual, and metaphysical businesses and practitioners.

The goal? Make a genuine bells and whistles digital destination of its very own, complete with expanded article content, videos, blogs, podcasts, Jacuzzi and wet bar, with free tequila shots on Wednesdays. (You’d visit that, wouldn’t you?)

Okay, made some of that up. You start with a big vision and take baby steps, so you won’t fall on your butt – especially when your left brain has to make the vision work.


Your right brain, on the other hand, is where the cool stuff starts. Once you turn things over to it, your mind can explode into the cosmos – a nice segue into Arise, January’s cover by visionary artist Amanda Sage.

What’s that you say – nice digital creation? Hah – Arise is an original 11×14” painting, done on wood in acrylic, casein, and oil. (See “…your left brain has to make the vision work.”)

Until we remember we’re all broadcasting on the same wavelengths and can communicate a vision telepathically, it’s the job (and the joy) of artists to put the frequencies of a vision into a form that can be seen, heard, read, touched, tasted – felt.

Arise is the perfect image for January. It’s a cosmic take on the old god Janus, but seeing every direction at once – a left-handed salute to the creative powers of the universe.

Meditate on Arise – and you will.

           It comes with a bit of verse by the artist.

It is Time,

to rise above the horizon limiting our imaginations.

It is Time,

to open the heart and allow it to guide.

It is Time,

to burn beyond concepts and trauma through conscious focus.

I salute myself, my mission, and planet Earth.

I am reporting to duty and you all are my witness.

I feel the burning of the crown of thorns as the fall of man into sin transmutes into freedom. I see the light grid of hearts connecting into an ever-changing life web, sparking consciousness as we see our reflections in the stars.

This is what I see.

I am transparent, I am unafraid, I am you.


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