Letter From The Editor

Michael AbedinA Letter to Our Readers

How do you follow a January cover of a fine natural magazine featuring a fluffy white dog doing yoga? Either touching, tasteful artwork honoring the romance of Valentine’s Day, or the next animal on the Chinese calendar – wearing sunglasses.
Touching and tasteful, versus a critter in shades?

There’s a no-brainer, especially if February’s new year belongs to the Monkey. Find a fine specimen of Monkeyhood with short hair and a full beard who’s just a nose ring away from looking right at home in any hipster hangout in what was once Austin, and it’s a done deal.

Any lingering doubts are erased by a cable showing on the eve of press day of a 2015
documentary about the iconic 1970s humor mag National Lampoon, which once had what was voted by a magazine trade group as the seventh-best cover ever – a black and white dog glancing nervously at a revolver held to his head, with the caption If you don’t buy this magazine, we’ll shoot this dog.

We may not have invented magazine cover Monkeyshines – but we’re proud to uphold the tradition.

– Michael Abedin