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dental smileby Dr. Matthew Carpenter

Giving a medication with a hypodermic needle has been one of the greatest advances in modern medicine, and it’s only a little over a hundred years old.

If medication is given orally, a huge dose is needed to achieve the concentration necessary in the target tissue, and the rest of the body is frequently poisoned unnecessarily. Delivering a specific drug directly to the site, however, requires a much smaller dose. Some tissues that are disconnected from the whole, such as in cancer, can sometimes only be reached with a needle.

Needling allows the simulation of acupuncture points and dry needling of trigger points. With a fluid-bolus (a mass of injectable fluid), scar tissue can be broken up mechanically, adhesive tissue-planes can be gently separated, and normal anatomy can often be restored where there was a distortion due to trauma or infection.
Beyond anything else, the needle stick often will bring up held-back emotions and memories stored in injected tissue. These emotional releases are often the most important part of a healing intervention.

Sinus infections.
Because we do “normal” dental procedures in my office, injectable therapies are used as they relate to improving lymphatic drainage before surgery, and injectable ozone
is used as a pre-conditioning tool to reduce infection before surgery (for root canals or cavitation lesions) and for inflammation. Pre-treating an area of the mouth with injectable ozone gas has been shown in research to reduce post-surgical pain and inflammation as much as fifty percent.

Injectable therapies are also used with other types of chronic head and neck infection– namely, sinus and tonsil infections. Sinus infections are the most common and energy- draining infections in the human race, and most modern approaches (antibiotics, surgery) can be damaging, and are frequently ineffective.

I help treat sinus infections using a combination of different injectable therapies designed to support the body’s natural detox channels, break up points of infection in the bone and sinus cavities, and stimulate new healing by enhancing the body’s ability to heal.

To accomplish this, I use prolotherapy, which incorporates homeopathic injectable remedies and procaine. Procaine is a component of traditional German neural therapy which has a property of repolarizing or resetting the function of the inside nerve. This has potential to reset function to the muscle or gland that the nerve innervates.

The ozone crawl.
I also use injectable ozone to treat sinus infections because of its ability to “crawl,” or travel to sites of infection. Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, and parasites equally, and is ideal when you consider the terrain of the sinuses.
In addition, injectable therapy is used to stimulate the head and neck and help drain infection. A lymphatic protocol using procaine and homeopathic injectables can reenergize your lymph nodes manually and energetically, creating profound effects more naturally and safely.

In cases where people have had chronic exposure to poisonous metals from dental work (like aluminum or mercury), injectable therapies help detox ganglia or collections of nervous tissues in the head and neck that have been polluted by metals.

When toxins like a pesticides or metals first enter a nerve or ganglia, they may not immediately alter function of the nerve or the muscle or tissue it innervates – but over time, as the offending toxin or metal bio-accumulates in nervous tissue, it can begin to alter the function or competency of the nerve or the tissue it innervates, which are perceived as many unpleasant symptoms – hard to explain, but real. Ringing of the ears, burning of the tongue, dry mouth, painful face, autoimmune reactions in tissues – all are possible symptoms of nerves experiencing changes in function.

Many of these issues respond to natural injectable therapies that help reset the function of certain parts of the head and neck, like the sphenopalatine ganglia (a collection of nerves connected to the trigeminal nerve, associated with headaches and migraines), which also influences emotional health.

Dr. Matthew Carpenter of Transcend Dental Health uses drill-free air abrasion, ozone therapy, natural alternatives to antibiotics, and non- surgical treatment of gum disease. Call (512) 255-3618 for a consultation on natural injectable therapies.

Transcend Dental Health hosts courses on Oxygen and Ozone Therapies for Medical and Dental Professionals with Dr. Lamberto Re, April 8-10 or April 15-17, including injectable therapies and other ozone therapies. Treatments by Dr. Re available April 11-14. Information and registration: (970) 382-7780.


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