Bach Chronicles: Heather


Bach Chronicles, Part Thirty-five


The All About Me Remedy
by Michael Abedin

In the 1930’s, English physician Edward Bach created a series of thirty-eight flower essences, prepared from plants found in his native England, to address underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of physical disease. This ongoing series describes those remedies.

You see them coming, but not in time. They see you, head your way. Eye contact is made, and there’s no way out. You’re caught, you’re trapped – you’re screwed.

They’re the Newbies – new divorce, new love, new diagnosis. Newly recovered memories of trauma or past lives. New guru, spiritual group, or – God help you – new multi-level marketing group.

And they’re going to tell you everything about it.

You only have one hope.

As soon as they open their mouth, toss in some Heather. (Aim carefully – it’s a moving target.) Heather is Edward Bach’s flower remedy for the incessant talker, who needs reassurance that their story is as interesting to everybody else as it is to them.

The most glaring example of Heather gone wild has, oddly, become one of the most socially acceptable – Survivor Syndrome, the phenomenon whereby it’s become okay to expect everyone to listen to every grisly detail of everything that’s happened to you in your past. Chances are good you’ll hear it at any gathering of the holistic or spiritually inclined that opens up by going around the group introducing yourself. (“Hi, I’m Heather, and I’m a _____ survivor. I was _______ for years, until I _____…”)

Heatherishness is enhanced – and encouraged – by technology. Now that everyone carries around their own personal photo lab, recording studio, and video production facility disguised as a phone, the ability to go on and on about what you feel has never been easier, giving rise to the horrors of social media, online comments sections, and the selfie.

It’s also made it much more rewarding to act out your story. Thing is, stories get stronger in the telling, so if you’re wanting to let yours go and move on, telling it over and over won’t help – unless you get really good at it.

Then you might get your own reality show.

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