by Michael Abedin, August 2015

 What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but anything happening in your mouth goes straight into your circulatory system, sooner rather than later, and can even bypass the blood-brain barrier and go directly into your nervous system.

Good news if you’re popping a nitroglycerin capsule for an angina attack, bad news when you see what’s living in the stuff a dental hygienist cleans from your teeth and gums. Plaque, bacteria, and other critters can make a beeline to your arteries and heart, causing all manner of cardiovascular unpleasantness.

Imagine what happens once they make their way to the brain. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, maybe? One recent study found evidence of gum-disease bacteria in brain samples of Alzheimer’s patients and none in non-Alzheimer’s samples, another found that subjects with gum inflammation were nine times likelier to score in the lowest categories of mental function.

Throw in a dose of mercury (the second-most potent neurotoxin on the planet) from amalgam fillings sitting in your mouth or improperly removed, and you’ve got a cocktail that might freeze your brain quicker than that first hit of a frozen margarita.

Dr. Matthew Carpenter of Transcend Dental Health uses natural, minimally invasive protocols to get bad stuff out of your mouth instead of into your system, including:

  • Live-action microscope slides of what’s swimming around in your mouth at each cleaning (yep, you get to see them), and natural, non-antibiotic ways to get rid of them.
  • Non-surgical treatment of gum disease. “Cutting away diseased gum tissue doesn’t get rid of the problem,” he explains. “You’ll usually be cutting more away later.”
  • Scrupulous hygiene and safety measures for removing mercury, and the Huggins protocol if teeth have to be extracted, using ozone and intravenous vitamin C.

Brush smart. Brush and floss more, not harder. Like foreplay or a bank shot to a corner pocket, harder isn’t better, and can even drive gunk into your bloodstream.

One researcher theorizes pathogens and heavy metals generate high inflammation, damaging and destroying brain tissue and nerve cells. Neither has been definitively proven to be a single cause of Alzheimer’s – nothing has, actually – but why give them a chance to be a tipping point?

Dr. Matthew Carpenter of Transcend Dental Health uses drill-free air abrasion, ozone therapy, natural alternatives to antibiotics, and non-surgical treatment of gum disease. (512) 255-3618,



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