Dear Ashtara


Dear Ashtara,
When someone is already getting messages from spirit, how do we start to discern who is saying what? Marcus, 38, Austin, TX

Dear Marcus,
Most people never know who is talking. One must earn that high position on Earth. Simply ask who it is and see if they will allow you to have their name. Right now, you have Lord Maitreya, Sandalfon, Zadkiel, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and the entire Galactic Federation which is the largest grouping on the other side of approximately 5 billion deities. And, your guardian on high is Maitreya and your highest teacher right now is Ashtar. Be sure to frame their pictures and they will begin to alter your CROWN so that one day you can become an author with them.

Dear Ashtara,
My spouse and I have started planning our retirement. We are leaning towards a retirement destination outside the U.S. Please tell us what the masters think about this idea. Pstv, 46, Austin, TX

Dear Pstv,
Bravo for leaving everything and everyone for a romantic adventure. If you decide to take that path, you will eventually wonder why it took so long. In other words, life will be better than ever. Some of your friends and family will eventually want to go where you go. How would that make you feel? Important, I hope. Congratulations on a life worth living. I see Lord Maitreya “gifting” one of you with these ideas.

Dear Ashtara,
I understand that all of us are ascending with Mother Earth. I feel more and more Love and Light every day. I would like to know how I might use this Love energy in a more practical way. Three Graces, 65, Austin, TX

Dear Three Graces,
Ascension is what you are talking about. There are approximately fifty very high ascended masters, as well as archangels. None of them are Mother Earth. Therefore, Gaia has her own post to fill, and that is fulfilling her planet with loving frequencies throughout time. So the question is, is Mother Earth ascending? Yes, everyone ascends, even Jesus, St. Germain, God, and others. For example, if Gabriel is your teacher since the beginning, and he is with all of you, you could send gratitude through him to assist Mother Earth in her challenges, rewards, and dutiful service. Thank you for your patronage in the light.

Dear Ashtara,
I would like to know what kinds of foods are beneficial to me and which ones should I avoid so that I can stay healthy and also lose some pounds? Claire, 46, Spring, TX

Dear Claire,
Thank you for your question. As much raw foods as you can for 6-12 weeks, will allow your spleen to mend and your circulatory system to improve. Juice the following during that time: oranges or grapefruit daily for 2 weeks; organic carrots, pineapple, red apples, and 1 or 2 more fruits of your choice.

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