Dear Ashtara: Messages from Your Angels and Master Teachers



Dear Ashtara,
I am about to start a tech company with my friend.  We want to build cool technology and make a very profitable company.  Are the stars aligned for us? 
Raj, 39, Austin, TX

Dear Raj,

When you were born, the stars, moon and seas radiated within your etheric body so that you could do exactly this.  According to your Akashic Records you are to hear the voice of Michael who was there to assist you.  Good job for being in tune with your universe.

Dear Ashtara,
I have a tissue growth on my thyroid gland.  The doctors want to remove it even though tests show it is healthy tissue.  Can this tissue dissipate on its own, with natural treatments?  And if so, what kind what be most beneficial?
Jan, 34, Austin, TX

Dear Jan,

It looks like it is not going to dissipate on its own with any kind of treatment.  If it were me, I would do what the doctors recommend.  It will not be that troublesome.  Do it sooner rather than later.  Archangels Raphael, Metatron and Melchizedek will be there as your protectors.

Dear Ashtara,
I currently work in a hospital but I’d like to make a better income.  What opportunities are there for me? 
Natalie, 46, Austin, TX

Dear Natalie,

It looks like you are going to change careers.  As a matter of fact, you may go back to school.  If you do, it will be for a life changing and gratifying new career.  Consequently, the force will be with you or not.  Let’s just request The Force in your life, for when you are elevated in consciousness the career course begins to beacon.  You will determine what path to take, and when you do, you will be selecting wisely.  You have a broad spectrum of being able to maneuver two jobs at one time.  Magical moments will be with you.

Dear Ashtara,
I would like to have another child but I do not feel my husband and I have a strong enough relationship nor do we have a strong enough financial situation.  Should I be happy with what we have or go for another? 
Marissa, 33, Austin, TX

Dear Marissa,

According to your Akashic Records you are to have three children.  However, they will be waiting for you if you decided a later date.  You were meant to be a college professor, lawyer or leader in some way.  You still have eight or nine years to bear children.  Focus on career and career changes in order to support them in grand style.  Build a rapport with your husband by making positive changes.  Your highest angelic teacher is archangel Uriel.

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