Dear Ashtara: How Do We Get Back On Track?

get back on track

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Q: My roommate and I are a couple of novice witches who struggle with alcoholism. Please share with us some daily meditative thoughts, spells, and chants to keep us on the right track regarding our alcoholism and our budding talents as witches.
-Rhonda and Lisa, 29 and 37, Austin, TX

Dear Rhonda and Lisa,
It seems that each of you have huge destinies. For example, Lisa, you are here to be a designer. Before you were born you told God Himself that you were going to start your own design firm. God deemed it and then you were born. Maybe you are drinking too much because the path you are taking now is not what you are destined to do. You also came to Earth, probably last time, to become a mother. As far as being a better witch, maybe you could quote the following: “Every day, my life will be better and better. Every day, I will achieve more greatness. Each and every day, my destiny will fulfill me.”

And, Rhonda, before you were born, God said, “Believe in yourself. And I will take you the whole way in this lifetime.” When you drink, do it with pleasure instead of pain. Or try not to do it at all. Know you were born to be a world healer, as well as a great lawyer. Both of you girls have a wonderful future.

Lisa, your highest teachers are Sandalfon, Michael, and Gabriel, who are trying to get through to you every day. Rhonda, your highest guide and master teacher is Lord Maitreya. He should be speaking through you during this coming year.


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