Dear Ashtara: Messages from Your Angels and Master Teachers



Dear Ashtara: Messages from Your Angels and Master Teachers

Dear Ashtara,
When can we expect to meet our star families?
Craig F., 57, Austin, TX

Dear Craig,

Star families are radiating points of light that we, on the other side, remember. From time to time, the stars align within a certain frame for large star systems to unite with your particular brainwaves on earth. Therefore, magical and mystical star families coincide. When we are evolving metaphysically and spiritually, God himself usually makes sure we begin to find our soul and star families. It’s beyond meeting someone and saying something like, “I feel like I’ve known you before.” When will we begin to meet them? About six years ago, whirlwinds of energies regarding star families encircled the Earth. Because of that, nearly everyone who’s tuned in to higher thought has begun to meet people who have a similar vibration, one that goes beyond saying. Channeling would be the only way to know who is your star family and who isn’t. Of course, on the other side, angelic forces and ascended masters will guide you to your star families, and you will be together throughout eternity.


Dear Ashtara,
When we pray for things we want, how do the angels decide to answer our prayers? Secondly, do the angels always follow God’s instruction?
Lynne, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Lynne,

Prayer is consistently taking place on planet Earth – therefore, we, the light, instill a certain blessing upon those who pray. Angelic forces are around everyone on the planet. As far as your comment regarding angels following God’s instructions, it appears that each of the Ark of the Covenant archangels prepares a throne for God, and their minds forever blend. Instructions do not happen on the other side. The amounts of messages that are gifted from God and others today are tremendous. The way to examine your prayers versus your thoughts, even higher thoughts, is to awaken within. As we awaken to our high self, thoughts of transcendence and illumination begin to envelope our being. Therefore, the disciples walking a spiritual pathway are able to determine what’s right and wrong for them. Your highest teacher is Lord Maitreya. Ask Maitreya, and know that whatever thought he projects to you is the will of God.

Dear Ashtara,
I need to move and am losing sleep about the situation. I want to stay in Austin but I can’t afford much. I’m dreaming of a private living arrangement like a pool house or garage apartment. How can I make that happen?
Kim, Austin, TX

Dear Kim,

In about one or two years you will have a new place that you love. In the meantime, continue to search for what you can afford and like. The easiest way is to find someone in real estate that deals with rentals. Envisioning what you want always helps. Also, struggle and worry negates what we are desiring. Therefore, if you have to take a living arrangement within a few weeks, know that you can find something with an agent. Your highest teacher right now is Archangel Michael. He will be leading the way.

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